IndiNature is an innovative leader in bio-based construction systems. We use leading science + traditional crops to bring industrial scale change to the climate, environment and people's health.

Our company is set to make one of the biggest positive impacts on the climate and environment. 


Buildings are the biggest contributor of carbon - and not just for heating. Insulations are made with massive amounts of energy and carbon - melting glass or basalt rock at 1200-1400 degrees C or heating petrochemicals to make foams. Our insulation system actually stores carbon.


When studying sustainable architecture, we learned that the construction industry takes about 50% of natural resources, makes 50% of carbon emissions (operation, construction and materials) and contributes to 50% of landfill waste. That is an out-dated linear 'take-make-waste' business model destroying our planet with climate catastrophe and a sixth mass species extinction. So we did lab experiments to find the best solution - comparing the performance of innovative natural materials to synthetic conventional ones.

We then decided to put lab theory into practice so we gutted, rebuilt and extended founder Scott's family home with the most sustainable natural materials and the best energy design principles and tested the results. The three bed home ended up with a quarter of the average home's gas bill.


One thing which astonishes people is that the materials themselves have properties which naturally keep humidity and temperature levels perfectly even and comfortable. The water vapour 'breathability' of these materials is recommended by Historic Scotland and Historic England guidance because it reduces risks of rot - meaning buildings last longer. It also means a reduced risk of condensation and unhealthy black moulds inside. 


The new materials also stopped the case study loft overheating in the summer. Cool in summer, warm in winter - naturally!

The problem is that all these green materials were very expensive, or we had to make our own. We also learned that the natural fibre insulation contained petrochemical plastics - which ruined the eco values for us. 

So we founded our own company in order to manufacture the most affordable and most ecological materials on an industrial scale - to make the biggest positive impacts on climate change, the environment and people's health.


We did more research, partnered with universities and successfully made our prototypes on scale.

Unlike our high-carbon competitors, our system is 'better-than-zero carbon' which means it actually stores more carbon than the carbon used to make it (via photosynthesis in the very fast growing, renewable crops). Being plastic and toxin free, it is also 'better-than-zero waste' which means it can be reprocessed or reused, not merely recycled - or safely bio-degraded right on site, saving landfill charges. This is part of our circular business model: renewable resources, which can be... renewed! And best of all, we can sell at a lower cost of eco competitors if we have to.

Our 100% natural materials are good for the health of builders, and don't off-gas toxic VOCs into living and working spaces - this means healthy indoor air.

Along the way we've won some fantastic awards and support from a lot of partners including our architect colleagues. We've raised significant grant investments and are now preparing for production and pursuing the investment needed to set up our manufacturing plant in Scotland. 

We invite you to join us in our natural industrial revolution. Your choice of insulation makes a big impact on the climate, the environment and health. We can turn your building into an eco hero!

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IndiNature is the trade name of Industrial Nature Ltd.  A company registered in Scotland, registered number SC550281.