September 29, 2019

Sam and I visited our farmer on the way back from London to check on our stock - they've had one of their best crops ever. Unlike conventional crops which have suffered from flooding, the industrial hemp has benefitted. 

September 26, 2019

Sam and I having a great time meeting investors in London, including some at the swish Institute of Directors. Where do eco companies stay in London? At the eco Qbic hotel of course - the world's first B-Corp hotel !

September 7, 2019

Natural materials aren't just 'eco' - they have a lot of performance advantages. Buildings last longer. Indoor air is healthier. Living and working spaces are more comfortable to be in. Just a few of the advantages of using natural fibre insulations like ours. Here's a briefing paper from The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products to tell you more.

August 16, 2019

I was interviewed by innovation correspondent Laura Goodwin for a piece about innovations in the circular economy on BBC Scotland's The Nine this week. My dog Tess stole the show of course...

August 14, 2019

Local MP Tommy Sheppard visits us in our eco cabin with Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation Director Ed Craig as well as cleantech startup Waterwhelm. 

Tommy asking very good questions about how government can help accelerate support for low carbon and circular economy businesses.

July 10, 2019

Our demo cabin made with our insulation materials moves outside the might Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. It's our new office at a very high profile sight in the centre of the city!

July 2, 2019

Thank you to our Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for initiating the Unlocking Ambition challenge. I'm one of "twenty Scottish entrepreneurs selected for the £4m inaugural year delivered by Scottish Enterprise which was initiated by the First Minister’s office, supporting innovative and high potential Scottish companies."

It was great to gather with all my super colleagues on the programme at her Bute House residence to celebrate the end of the first year of the programme and look forward to beginning a second year of support from Scottish Enterprise. Colleagues came to Edinburgh from all over Scotland including Iain Findlay of Green Grow (left) from beautiful Forres up north. 

The support and learning from some of the top Scottish entrepreneurs including Global Scots has been invaluable - as well as the workshops, funding and above all the shared support amongst this brilliant cohort. Thank you all ! Scotland is backing entrepreneurs in a big way and encouraging global ambition.

June 18, 2019

SRUC agricultural college student Caitlin Robinson has carried out a scoping review looking at the potential to expand the revival of industrial hemp crops at scale, including soil and climate analysis.

This non-drug variety of the crop is expanding exponentially globally due to the exceptional properties of its fibre and straw (strength and moisture control) and to the benefits it brings farmers and local ecologies - attracting beneficial insects without the need for pesticides, suppressing weeds and breaking up and improving the soil.

Huge thanks for some brilliant work Caitlin - and all the best on your return to Canada !

April 20, 2019

We love industry-academic partnerships as we commercialise and never stop innovating - future-proofing ourselves with ever-increasing intellectual property and evidence of how amazing our products are. Welcome to Filippos (left), Jian (below) and an upcoming partnership project with Napier's Institute for Sustainable Construction. 

All projects are externally funded.

It is so good to have these partners being so enthusiastic about what IndiNature is doing. Welcome aboard!

Filippos is a masters biotechnology student at the University of Edinburgh, working with us for his dissertation to pursue our ideas for some new and very exciting novel materials solutions and processes. Watch this space!

Jian is a masters student in carbon management at the University of Edinburgh, working with us for her dissertation to evidence just how incredible our products are for the climate and environment with an extremely thorough third-party Life Cycle Assessment verification using standard methodol...

March 30, 2019

A week after our trade show, we were funded by Circular Glasgow to be their main attraction in the centre of Glasgow.

Made with our hemp insulation system, our cabin demonstrated all the best sustainable materials and architectural design practices to Scottish citizens on 30 March in St. Enochs Square.

​​The building is part-funded by Zero Waste Scotland and you can read about it here:

The aim of the event was to promote our products, build the market for sustainable construction and to encourage citizens to think about the limits of our natural resources and live more sustainably - saving money along the way.


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